Minimalist glass pavilions

Minimalist extensions are the norm in the UK, where more and more people are seeking sleek, stylish and functional environments within shells of historic houses. Rather than tearing down traditional country houses, barns and other vernacular structures, modern glass pavilions are created by thoughtful contemporary interventions and historical preservation. The idea of pairing away anything non-essential amidst a backdrop of gleaming white walls, ceilings and expansive floor-to-ceiling glass, is often credited to British minimalist architect John Pawson, the so-called father of modern architectural minimalism. 04-home-chiswick-london-675x34106-home-chiswick-london1-622x575(above) Private Residence in Chiswick, London by Found Associates

37955_RIC120093_IMG_00_0001(above) Private Residence in Kew, London by Gregory Phillips Architects

7329f963409c0f28334fe213fb34f7fa b925c2a2d04c9cd337c006fa3e9ab313More examples of floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors for these minimalist extensions

1171777_727854057326253_665027185_n 10608019_1606134472996138_56903472_n(above) House in Highbury by De Matos Ryan Architects

149252175121015446_o0iLna6K_f9e216dbacc1fb049ba9058052da3aa07(above) John Pawson Residence, London


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