Month: May 2015

Map overlays

Ever since I was a kid, I have always had a great interest in geography, whether it be a map of the United States or California or the entire island of Manhattan. I don’t know if this attributed in any way to my better than average sense of direction, but either way, I remember poring over […]

Chef’s Table episodes 5-6

Sometimes, the best things in life are hidden or perhaps they are right in front of you without you even knowing it, as in the case of New Zealander chef Ben Shewry’s Melbourne restaurant Attica. Considered one of the top restaurants in Australia and among the world’s top 50, Attica is Shewry’s creation after having succeeded in […]

Chef’s Table episodes 3-4

Somewhere in the middle of Patagonia, a middle-aged man wearing a gaucho-style hat stands over a pit of roaring flames, stirring fire wood with a shovel in one hand and sipping a glass of merlot in the other. We are of course talking about one of the most celebrated chefs in Argentina, Francis Mallmann, an […]

Chef’s Table episodes 1-2

After the success of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, film maker David Gelb conjures up Chef’s Table, a  Netflix Original series about six renowned international chefs, whose names are making headlines in the culinary scene. The episodes dwell into the passions, emotional connections, triumphs and hardships of each chef. Each introduction is beautifully told before a mesmerizing choreography of the chefs’ artistic creations, all […]


About 2 months ago, I stumbled upon Departures, a traveling adventure tv series on Netflix about two long-time high school friends Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach, who decided to take a year off from work to travel the world. Accompanied by cameraman Andre Dupuis, who met Wilson during film school, the three journey together to all corners […]

Artist, Astronomer, Earth mover

Would you pay $6,500 to see inside Roden Crater, the land art that James Turrell has been working on for nearly four decades? Perhaps it is fitting to post this on the birthday of two individuals whose works I admire, artist James Turrell and John Pawson. The two share an affinity for the perception of light and space. I have […]

2013 RIBA Royal Gold Medal Winner Peter Zumthor in conversation with RIBA’s Tony Chapman

Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, known for his exploration of tactile and sensory qualities of space and site-specific buildings, is arguably one of the most sought-after members of his profession. Unlike his peers, he is one of the few design practitioners who keeps a low profile, which is not surprising considering his wooden barn studio is tucked away in the […]

A nod to the past and the future

I was first introduced the term ‘adaptive reuse’ during my third year in the architecture program at Woodbury University. There was an exhibit in one of the studio galleries which showed some of the students’ work during their summer travel abroad in Paris and Barcelona. Their beautiful drawings, rendered in pencil, ink and water color, captured the traditional architectural details and […]

Living and Eating

This cookbook epitomizes my passion for both architecture and food. It is the collaboration between British architect John Pawson and food writer Annie Bell, which demonstrates how the philosophy of simplicity can be achieved in the rituals of cooking, eating and living. Minimalism is the idea of living simply by paring things down to their essential. […]

Interview with Today Sotheby’s International September 2014

Today Sotheby’s International Realty WHO DESIGNED YOUR HOME? Lawrence Cheung About five years ago, my parents gave me an opportunity to design my first ground-up house. I was very fortunate to take on this project, because it was a learning experience. All of my years of working in an architectural office in the east coast and as […]