Google Street View Reaches New Heights

Ever wonder what it would be like to free-climb the Dawn Wall on El Capitan, a vertical sea of smooth granite that rises 3,000 feet from the Yosemite Valley floor? Now you can, well virtually. Google Maps has taken its Street View technology vertically by stitching 360-degree photos of the face of El Capitan from various spots along the infamous Nose Route. You can virtually pull yourself up or rappel down a city block one click at a time, and look all around you- seeing Yosemite Valley below or Half Dome and the other granite monoliths in the distance or staring closely at the surface and cracks of the wall itself. Watch as legendary climbers Lynn Hill, Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell scale the sheer vertical face of the Dawn Wall, which many consider to be the most difficult free-climb in the world.

Check out the interactive 3-D model of the Dawn Wall:


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