Inspiring Architecture Offices

This is what I hope to achieve one day… to have a beautiful live/work space where there is plenty of natural lighting and where you feel like you are connected to nature. I would love to revisit and possibly do a project in the UK, Switzerland, Austria, and closer to home, Squaw Valley and Los Angeles.

07 HAUS ZUMTHOR 2I 01(above) Atelier Zumthor  Chur, Switzerland

e264eb42729f7460bc4fd04ece18310a 2a86bbd97086fbce3d276a735314fdc8(above) Nicolas Tye Architects  Bedford, UK

0d0ae75e0fa45b9559f8bb7e8a3a5690 10-RubioAve_1000(above) Rick Joy Architects  Tucson, AZ

06mk27 21mkstudio(above) mk27 studio  Sao Paulo, Brazil

11mkstudio 28mkstudio(above) mk27 studio  Sao Paulo, Brazil

image(above) I have always dreamed of occupying the second level of this Georgian Colonial brick building on Burlingame Avenue.


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