Lawrence Cheung is the founder and principal of Atelier Lawrence Cheung, an ambitious design-led design build practice which focuses on custom residential new construction, additions/renovations, and historical restorations. While drawing inspiration from regional vernacular forms and natural materials, the practice engages in creating finely crafted buildings and interior spaces that have an understated simplicity within the context of site and historical buildings.

Through thoughtful contemporary interventions and historical restoration, Lawrence is particularly interested in conversions of barns, farm houses and other vernacular and derelict structures which have been neglected over time. These adaptive reuse projects involve both old and new, rough-hewn and precise, bold and tranquil. He draws his influence from an array of architects and artists, such as Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, Le Corbusier, Peter Zumthor, John Pawson, and James Turrell.

On his spare time, Lawrence enjoys cycling, toy photography and cooking. If he wasn’t a designer, he may as well have been a restaurateur. Lawrence has always been passionate about the cross-over between design and the culinary world. He admires gastronomic titans such as Fergus Henderson, Marco Pierre White, Jiro Ono, Thomas Keller and Ferran Adria.



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