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Living and Eating

This cookbook epitomizes my passion for both architecture and food. It is the collaboration between British architect John Pawson and food writer Annie Bell, which demonstrates how the philosophy of simplicity can be achieved in the rituals of cooking, eating and living. Minimalism is the idea of living simply by paring things down to their essential. […]

Interview with Today Sotheby’s International September 2014

Today Sotheby’s International Realty WHO DESIGNED YOUR HOME? Lawrence Cheung About five years ago, my parents gave me an opportunity to design my first ground-up house. I was very fortunate to take on this project, because it was a learning experience. All of my years of working in an architectural office in the east coast and as […]

Minimalist glass pavilions

Minimalist extensions are the norm in the UK, where more and more people are seeking sleek, stylish and functional environments within shells of historic houses. Rather than tearing down traditional country houses, barns and other vernacular structures, modern glass pavilions are created by thoughtful contemporary interventions and historical preservation. The idea of pairing away anything […]